"The program's materials are directly related to the situations and challenges our students are faced with everyday."

Mr. Norman

Edward Reynolds West Side H.S.


"There was also a marked change in students attitudes.  Thank you for a rewarding and enriching experience."

Mr. Barron, Seward Park H.S.

With our course-based American Dream 101 program, we offer teens a realistic, yet entertaining “experience-based learning” opportunity through our innovative, fast-paced life simulation game that they play over the Internet. 

Combined with a dynamic curriculum using the Socratic method, which includes life skills workshops and a comprehensive 36-page workbook centered on decision-making, youth experience, analyze and discuss the challenges they face as teenagers growing up in America.

We have found that the American Dream 101 program means different things to different people.  To see how you could benefit, select the group that most accurately describes you:

American Dream's interactive approach to learning enables youth to "experience their future" today, so they can make more informed decisions tomorrow.